Here’s How to Keep Your Information “Private” on Websites

Due to complex end-user license agreements, privacy appears to have become a myth in 2022, with applications and websites tracking everything from your surfing patterns to where you are headquartered. In other words, if you live a digital life, you run the risk of being watched.

Even if not every website may not be out to get you, there’s a good probability that you are divulging too much data to get a more “custom” experience. Here are some tips for keeping your internet activities confidential.

  1. Browser Tweaks

Have you unquestioningly allowed cookies on websites? So you could potentially be followed by ads. Clear the entire history of your browser to erase any existing cookies. After erasing any already-installed cookies, make sure to block third-party cookies going forward.

Using Chrome, follow these steps to do it: Click Settings, then select Privacy and Security, then Cookies and Other Site Data. Turn Whether your internet traffic is on or off, send a “Do not track” request.

2. Install and use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

There is no better option than utilizing a VPN to hide your IP address and encrypt your browsing data. There are several different free VPNs from which to pick. Even while connecting to the internet via a public network, a virtual private network, or VPN, keeps you secure. Using a VPN would stop any personal information from falling into the hands of outside organizations as ISPs can access your data and sell it to ads for personal gain.

3. Use tracking browsers

Have you ever encountered pop-ups with advertisements and arbitrary spam prompts? So employing a tracking blocker will stop websites from tracking your browsing and installing illegal cookies. For the majority of browsers, tracking blockers are accessible as plug-ins.

Having said that, be cautious about your browsing patterns, accidental permission grants, and the links you click on. Due to a thriving advertising industry in 2022, it is simple to get tracked, but taking the aforementioned actions should ideally reduce some of it.

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